Artist and Vendor Information

New Vendors
Welcome to the Prolific Expo! The Prolific Expo brings creativity and business
together in one location to promote, network, and grow! We are excited to feature
your business, product, and/or art in the upcoming show. We will always notify you
of future upcoming expos.
Blue Prolific Studios is a member of the Houston Metropolitan Chamber of
Commerce and will be reaching out to fellow members to attend and network with
our vendors.
Please fill out the registration bellow before submitting vendor payment. Completion of this form does not guarantee your participation in this particular event but does add you to the network for all upcoming events. As the curators we review each
application based on the quality of your business and products as well as keeping a
variety of business and afford your company the respect of not selecting multiple
competing companies. You will only need to fill out this form once and we will add
you to the network.

If you are already a verified vendor or received a private invite proceed here.

After artist and/or vendor is verified a link will be sent to secure your booth with vendor payment.

Vendor Spaces Saturday Dec 12th

Outdoor Patio $120 | Early bird $90
Early setup access. Other festivities on location begin at 12pm. Must provide your
own table and chairs.
This location is in full view of events parking and passerby of all ongoing festivities
of open studios and vendors. Our bar will also be situated on the outdoor patio.

Indoor/ outdoor entryway $110 | Early bird $90
Early setup access. Other festivities on location begin at 12pm. Must provide your
own table and chairs.
This location is an open-air walkthrough entryway for both our event and the
brewery next door. It is also another access point to all ongoing festivities.

Main Room Indoors $100 | Early bird $80
The venue is one large open room. Vendors will be place around the room creating a
walkthrough of shopping and networking with our exhibit placed in the middle of
the event. The venue has specific large crafted tables provided for the indoor
vendors. These tables are 92 x 44 in. Please bring your own chair.

Setup Schedule will be sent to all vendors Dec. 5th. Bring business cards. All vendors may add business cards or small promotional items to event grab bags. If promo items are needed we can assist.

Exhibition Artist Information

$40 | $35 Early Bird Entry | Artist may display 2 pieces

Artist may only win once in exhibition.

We are excited to feature your Art in the upcoming show. Artist are welcome to become a vendor as well. For the exhibition Artist will be provided a number to place by their work. Attendees
will be given a ticket to vote on their favorite piece to win a prize provided by Blue
Prolific Studios and La’Toya Smith. Please keep work no larger than 32 by 24. Some exceptions may be made on a case by case basis. Please verify with Blue Prolific Studios by email with submission request. Tags will be provided. Title and descriptions of work are due by Dec. 5th. Exhibition work must be ready to hang. No easels.

Prizes include Cash, 1 hour artist photoshoot with professional edits, a draft/drawing table, and more!

What is special about Dec. 12th location? It is nestled between multiple prestigious art
studios that are open for second Saturdays during our event. There are some
amazing artist and they do attract collectors. With their event going on
simultaneously it provides a higher possibility of diverse traffic with people who are
coming to see, enjoy, and purchase art! We encourage you stop by some of the
studios and network with the artist. Artist need exposure and we want to generate
more for Houston’s fellow talent.
Please fill out the information above before submitting payment. We also encourage you to email the piece you plan to enter in the show to

The application does not guarantee your participation in this event but does add you to the network for future curated shows. As the curators of the event we review your work based on technique, vision, creativity, experimentation, and for some shows subject/theme. You will be sent a link for payment bellow once application has been received.

If you received a formal invite please proceed to payment option bellow if you have not already done so. Thank you!

We are excited to get to know you as an artist!