Blue Prolific Studios is a creative Hub collaborating with other Graphic designers and fine artist to bring innovative, experimental, professional and all out exciting work to life. As the studio grows Blue Prolific Studios will feature the creatives and what they specialize in for your enjoyment. The Studio began with one Artist La’Toya Smith.


La’Toya Smith is a creative constantly evolving, experimenting and accepting new challenges. Her portfolio extends through fine art in oil painting, illustration, mural art, custom clothes, graphic design, instruction, and even more.  Born in the Netherlands and  lived several places La’Toya began painting at 11 years old in New Mexico, graduated Stivers School for the Arts, and co-owned Airheadz Airbrush and Art Studio. She has also been recognized in multiple competitions, received a Bachelors in Graphic and Web Design and is now expanding her craft in Houston Texas.  One of her recent projects was partnering on the 2018 Astros Mural currently located at the official stadium in home run alley.

I am probably even more excited than my clients are to produce something new for them. A less typical project was to refurbish antique furniture and replace a deco painting for a lady just in time for thanksgiving at her new home.

With over 13 years creative experience and education, La’Toya decided to separate the apparel side of creativity into its own division of business.DSC03512

My art is my way of communicating my soul to the world! It is the ultimate vulnerability and with this separation there is so much more to explore and express.