Designs that have now become the GASLINE collection stem from a series created in 2016 by La’Toya Smith for the bold and forward thinking… Soon to make its first debut will be the comic showing the hidden story behind the original character. Learn more bellow or shop now!

Welcome to Gasline! Original new graphic series concept you can’t find anywhere else.


The first design came from a global warming concept designed in a 3 poster series. A question was asked. “What am I trying to say?” It’s simple. The planet like many things is changing and it has a negative affect on the environment and there for the future of living things. The typical penguins, polar bears, and earth images would not grasp the idea in a new innovative way. Humans care about their future. But what kind of future are we creating on the one place we currently live? What about the Youth. And there we meet the original little bio girl holding her balloon outside amongst and poisoned earth.

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 1.22.28 PM

This concept continues to reach further and evolves. The gas mask not only illustrates a need to block the toxic air created by global warming and negligence. It is blocking the toxins of the world and the future we have laid for the youth’s destiny. It is also a manner to breath peace and block out societies inflictions. It is be the bold smoker rebelling commanding freedom to elevate at there own wishes. It can be the toxins of the world and the future we have laid for the youth’s destiny. At the end of the day it’s for the bold and freethinking. Soon to be transformed into a comic. Look out for GAS. SHOP NOW!